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Steward Operations

The National Steward System (NSS) is your District Representatives, Assistant District Representatives, Area and Local Stewards. They are responsible for contractual and disciplinary concerns, questions and representation.

Steward Protocol (“Who should I call? ”)

  1. If you have a local steward, talk to them first!
  2. If your office doesn’t have a steward, call your Area Steward or your Assistant District Representative.
  3. If you do not know who your assigned steward is, then contact your District Representative. They will be able to tell you who is assigned to your office.

All calls will be returned ASAP.

Area Stewards are certified to offer assistance ONLY in the offices in which they are certified by the NRLCA. Please do not contact an Area Steward if your office is not listed as one of their assignments.

Local Stewards are certified ONLY in their assigned office.

If there is no Local or Area Steward assigned to your office, please contact your District representative or an Assistant District Representative.

**Steward assignments are subject to change. Please check the most current published list for the Local or Area Steward assigned to your office.

North Carolina District Representatives

Contact Information for District Representative, Assistant District Representatives, and Area Stewards

Does your office have a local steward? If not, click here for instructions on how to hold a Local Steward Election. Official Local Steward Election Call forms.

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