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Political Action Committee (PAC) and Legislative

None of your dues money goes to PAC!

“Everyone has health insurance, or car insurance, or homeowners insurance. Contributing to PAC is like buying job insurance. It is the best protection you have in supporting the issues controlled by Congress that are important to you.” Paul Swartz, NRLCA Director of Governmental Affairs

Who does the NRLCA-PAC support?

  • The NRLCA-PAC plays a key role in representing our interests on Capitol Hill by supporting key Senators and Representatives.
  • NRLCA-PAC financially supports:
    • Members who are friendly to our positions
    • Legislators who serve on committees with jurisdiction over issues important to NRLCA
    • Congressional candidates who could support our causes, if elected

Why Give to PAC?

  • The NRLCA-PAC helps make the lives of Rural Letter Carriers better.
  • In the past, PAC contributions successfully aided in the defeat of efforts to restrict collective bargaining, made sure single piece parcels remained in the market dominant category, and scuttled anti-labor amendments.
  • In order to ensure that our voices are heard from now through the next election, NRLCA-PAC must begin preparing now.

If you are already a PAC member, thank you for your contribution and please keep contributing. If you are not yet a PAC please consider donating now.

Become a supporting member of the NRLCA-PAC by signing up for Withholding or EFT!

Both of these donation methods provide an easy way to automatically contribute to PAC each month. Additionally, by knowing how many contributions are coming in advance, Withholding and EFT donations provide an invaluable guideline for the Governmental Affairs Department when budgeting for campaign donations. You can choose to donate as much as you would like, while continuing to donate at local and state meetings.

PAC Withholding

Withholding deducts donations from each paycheck, using a payroll allotment through the PostalEase system. This is a bi-weekly contribution and is available to all active NRLCA members.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • EFT uses a checking account to make a once monthly donation to the PAC.
  • This option is much like using a debit card at the store and will be deducted from your account on the 5th of each month. All you need to sign up is a voided check (no business or farm account checks can be accepted).
  • EFT is available to all active and retired members.
  • Application for EFT


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