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File A Grievance

When a carrier wishes to file a grievance, they need to complete lines one (1) through four (4) on PS Form 8191.This form should be made available to you by your supervisor/postmaster; however, you can print one off the National Website.

You MUST have a meeting with your immediate supervisor to discuss the issue that concerns you.

If this issue cannot be resolved then you should advise the supervisor you are filing a grievance and ask the supervisor to initial lines 3B and 3C as to the date this issue was discussed.

After the meeting with the supervisor you should send or give the original PS Form 8191 to your assigned steward (either local or area) along with a detailed statement stating why you believe you have a grievance and the facts as you perceive them.

If you are uncertain as to which steward is assigned to your area, please visit the Steward page

120 Day Letter

Blank Grievant’s Statement

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