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Hello everyone! I hope this finds you well and safe. The current pandemic has changed the way we live our lives day today, but with this year being an election year we can’t afford to become complacent. With a new Postmaster General and a chief executive who seems hostile to the USPS we need our voice to be heard more than ever. The thing I love about PAC is that it’s non-partisan…our contributions go to both sides of the aisle as long as we can have them see just how important the service that we provide to our fellow Americans is to our republic. Thomas Paine said about the American Revolution, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” He could just as well have been talking about 2020.

I’d like to challenge you to sign up to become a sustaining donor to the NRLCA PAC and keep our union strong! It’s easy and it makes a tangible difference to our union. The form is available in the newsletter and HERE on the website. Please keep contacting our Senators and Congressmen and letting them know how you feel! Van Heath’s column on the NCRLCA website is an excellent source of legislative information to arm yourself with before you contact our governmental leaders. Before I go, I’d like to thank all of you for the important job you do day in and day out. What we do MATTERS. Please sign up as a sustaining donor so that we can drive home that point to Washington! God bless the NRLCA!

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